DIVO DIVA philosophy identifies itself with the magic gambling World “LIFE IS A GAME” which surprises us every day and makes us dreaming with real object of desire which represent luxury and elegance.

Accessories with an vanguard design for glamour woman and man. An invitation to go beyond limits.

DIVO DIVA accessories have an exclusive design and a strong character with the sole aim to satisfy wishes. The name summarizes the brand spirit, an apotheosis of luxury, of quality, of elegance, of prestigious work realized by leather masters.

Exemplary pieces created by the best artisans who, in their workshops, with calmness and skills, model, cut, sew and backstitch leather, napa and precious fabrics with accurate details. The stitch is so precise that seems to be counted, perfect and symmetrical. The bags of this brand go beyond the hand-made experience since each piece is an abstract expression which reaches the perfection limit becoming an incomparable suggestion for luxury experts.